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I am so, so sorry, but I won't be able to post the last two chapters of Finding Fortune until Friday. I know I've been slacking on this, but  next week is finals week for my university and I've had a lot to do these last few weeks. Which is why I've been translating KiPi stuff and fucking around on the Internet and whatnot. Don't question my life choices.

If anyone was waiting on that, again, I'm really sorry.

Finding Fortune 7/9

I know, I know: I'm being slow as shit with this weird-ass fic and not producing anything else. Let's say school is really hard and I'm tired all the time and pretend that's the actual answer rather than my amazing procrastination skills.

It was supposed to be a simple excavation. One chaotic storm later, it has become anything but.

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Long-ass Picspam

I'm in a terrible mood from being stuck inside all day by this stupid hurricane and the national news' idiotic focus on only two states (because if it's not near NYC, it's not important, apparently), so have a picspam.

Btw, I really need to get Photoshop or something because my icons suck.

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