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Dear KPFamily, dear new by-surfers, hello everyone!!!

Today we’d like to supply you with some basic information about G R E L L, so that you don’t miss any info…let’s go!!
For about the last year-and-a-half (and still), we’ve been working on this monster of an album and are currently in the final stages, still producing here and there a song, tinkering, fine-tuning, and liking it. But, at the same time, we want to consciously put one foot in front of the other and not release or publish anything prematurely [(I’m not sure what the difference between release and publish is supposed to be- one is Denglish, the other is German)]. Because of that you will not hear here any release dates for the first time…we simply would like to celebrate in our little team all the songs of this album when they are 100% finished.
We would also like to explain details here [about] where we are as a team. As perhaps some of you have already witnessed, we are producing the album completely and 100% by ourselves!!! We determined, in order to do this, to give Mäx the full responsibility because he is by now a real Pro at the equipment and [we] have decided against plugging thousands of Euros in expensive producing studios and producers. Also because we just plain could not have achieved it with our own label..
Furthermore- and now it’ll get exciting – we have brought a new man on board as creative authority for G R E L L: CURSE. Many of you know him as one of the luminaries of German hip hop and poster child of [all things] concerning superb lyrics and key dips. It was important for us with the new album to learn something new in every department and to take a step forward. This only works if you are criticized and challenged, discuss and find someone who understands exactly where the vision of this album wants to go. We have found this help in the form of Curse as executive producer. In exchange with him the building blocks of around 300 demos have become an album and will it further :) We are proud that such a respectable artist understood our vision and formed it with us.
In regards to the label situation: The album G R E L L will be published under “killerpilzerecords”. BÄM!!! We’re also staying here 100% independent. In the process of this production we had more conversations with major record companies, we were very pleased by their interest, but would like to cautiously build up the band Killerpilze from here [on out]. With all the blood, sweat, and tears, dedication, and vision of our little team. We’ll see what the future brings, Fact is…
Killerpilze is staying independent under their own label and for that need you Fans!, the KPFamily!! We’re in a little boat with a team of 4-5 people and thinking up the craziest ideas… Every trailer, every video, every poster…everything that is coming comes out of our crazy heads and at times we don’t ourselves know how we should implement all of our plans. But [this] here also counts: the passion and the dedication. We have so much fun with all the things that we think up and we got it out somehow because everyone one of us works on it 24/7…and we love it! If you stand for your ideas, you can achieve something. And we have that planned.
Of course, we feel the headwind here and there – be it the tiresome name discussion (No, we will always be called Killerpilze), be it radio stations who still don’t want to play us because of our images [(sic)] or voices, that claim, we would always sound like we did 6 years ago- we believe in ourselves and especially believe in the power of US + YOU TOGETHER!!! #kpfamily At the moment, we’re seeing how more new people are becoming aware of us, liking our new music, engage themselves with this band and our vision, and it makes us damn proud that can after 10 years say with full conviction: we have never denied ourselves and work on a grand project for which we have behind the scenes received so many warm words.
Ultimately it counts what we all achieve together. And that the song “Grell” would be clicked on over 7000 times, more thousand times downloaded + the trailer receiving only positive evaluations, fortifies us in that which we do: working further on this album and following our dream!
We don’t have the financial means to buy into a television show, we also don’t have political handle like the big record companies but we believe that good music is like water and finds its way. To you and through you also to others.
Trust you to bring up the topic of Killerpilze in conversations with your friends and other people, post the links, help us when we’re up for voting or want to scheduled on radio shows, click the videos…Every little bit that you give back to us is already more than we could picture for ourselves and make us proud!!!

So, now once again:
Album name: G R E L L
Label: killerpilzerecords/südpolrecords
Booking: Sparta Booking / Südpol Booking
Producer: Killerpilze
Artwork + Visual Design : David Schlichter

Thank you and on we go.
We hope your anticipation is growing…

It's like God is punishing me for everything I have ever written poorly. If anything doesn't make sense, you can bet it didn't make sense in the German. *sob* I miss Timo.
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