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Killerpilze is back with new album “Grell” and single of the same name

free download of the advance single

Killerpilze is back with new album “Grell” and single of the same name

By Rene Luedenbach. Available on Friday, November 23, 2012

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The three Kilerpilze Jo, Mäx, and Fabi reported back with the new trailer for the upcoming album as early as November 16th. Now the first single “Grell” is also available for free download.

The new Killerpilze album should be available in February 2013 and should sound exactly like the advance single by the name of Grell. In the eleventh year of the band history, you especially want the lyrics to take a big step forward and so will be heard in addition to the band’s own songs [and] also collaborations with the German rapper Michael Kurth aka Curse. Singer Jo Halbig reported on the collaboration that they, in regards to ideas and expression, were on the same wavelength.

The precursor to the upcoming album is already available for free download on soundcloud.com and gives a small impression of what you can expect from Killerpilze in 2013. The band may rejoice internally over barely 4000 plays in the first 24 hours, which should be a good base for further publications.

From March 21st, 2013, you can look forward to the announcement of the band's live shows, where they will play new and old songs live throughout Germany.
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