diglossia_fic (diglossia_fic) wrote,

Long-ass Picspam

I'm in a terrible mood from being stuck inside all day by this stupid hurricane and the national news' idiotic focus on only two states (because if it's not near NYC, it's not important, apparently), so have a picspam.

Btw, I really need to get Photoshop or something because my icons suck.

Looking good, Valentina. Looking good.

Look at her bellybutton. That, my friends, is an oil painting.

This is an excellent point and one I can fully understand.

I would bet all the (admittedly little) money I have that Goosen has on more than one occasion wanted de Villiers to fuck him. I would bet that it is one of his lifelong dreams.

Also, Goosen is adorable.

Bitch is going to cut somebody.

If I didn't despise half-wolves so much, I might actually watch this show just for the two of them.

Tags: picspam
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