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Super Short Picspam of AMAZINGNESS

God loves me or I'm cashing in on Christmas early or something because there is no other explanation for this collection of photos. Baby Jesus in a manger, these are amazing.*

These were actually picked out because I thought they were the most attractive, current pictures of the twins but Tom has joined *NSYNC fifteen years too late, so there's that. If y'all want, I could scrounge up some of the awful ones but those aren't so much funny as they are sad, so I won't.

*If I haven't mentioned it before, I have a massive love for watching famous people become steadily less attractive. As Ralphie May put it: "Being from the south, that's one of the favorite things in the world - watching white trash revert to its original form." I also love white trash girls fiercely, so this is all very confusing and exciting for me. I get disappointed for .001 seconds and then this crazed grin comes over my face because why the fuck not?

I'm pretty sure this just means I'm a terrible person so have Putin being kissed by dolphins:

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