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Title: Tandem
Word Count: 21,107
Pairings: Chitose Yo/Dewa Masaomi, Akagi Shohei/Bando Saburota, Chitose/OC
Summary: It’s an inseparable bond. Or: The story of Chitose and Dewa.

Thanks so very much to my beta, Austinattack!

AO3   FF.net

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Title: Limbo
Word Count: 729
Pairings: None
Summary: When Suoh Mikoto destroyed the Colorless King, he took Adolf K. Weismann with him. There’s just one problem: the invulnerable can’t die.

FF.net     AO3

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Title: The Most Incredible Thing
Word Count: 21,431
Pairings: Fujishima/Eric, Dewa/Chitose
Summary: A series of attacks on Homra Clansmen forces Eric to confront the past he's been trying to put behind him. He needs help but Fujishima's not here to help him this time- Dewa is.

And Dewa's never been Eric's biggest fan.

FF.net   AO3

Thanks so very, very much to my incredible beta, austinattack!

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Bando has issues. Shohei likes him anyway.

InsignificantCollapse )

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The Mark isn’t the only bond between a King and his Clansmen. Spoilers for Episode 13.

Like A Torrent, Only StrongerCollapse )

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It should be mandatory for Christians to read the Bible in its entirety. Too often, it is cherry-picked in a way that makes it apparent that many have not read it in chronological order.

God Can Change His Mind, Too, You Know or Why Homophobic Christians Need to Stop Using the Bible to Support their PrejudicesCollapse )
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Izumo doesn’t understand why no one will leave him alone. He’s not their King. He’s not their anyone. Spoilers for Episode 13.

Memories Are Dangerous ThingsCollapse )

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